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Leon Fowler II started his first business at the age of 12 turning the purchase of 1-tier gum ball machine into maintaining two 3-tier candy machines and a vending machine by 16 years old. He graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Management Information Systems from the University of Oklahoma. Leon worked for 4 years as a .NET programmer, developing and enhancing in house applications for a fortune 500 company. His drive to work with and learn the business allowed the opportunity to be promoted to Systems Analyst supporting multiple engineering applications, built both in house and by vendors. As a Sr. Systems Analyst Leon was responsible for upgrading systems as well as supporting and training over 800 users of those applications throughout North America for 6 years.

The idea for Resume Righter came from the result of a downturn in the Oil and Gas industry and mounting layoffs occurring. Leon felt secure in his job having been employed by the company for 10 years and integral support for a major application used throughout the company. However, that security was quickly stripped away when the company endured a 400 employee layoff including himself. At that moment he was faced with multiple issues; accounting for all the achievements and job duties he had accomplished over the years, locating the latest resume, formatting that resume in multiple ways to fit each position in which he would be applying. Leon was one of four hundred individuals in an instant faced with those same questions and issues and who could benefit from a service that could alleviate much of the stress and concern. Had Leon been able to have a living document throughout his employment that he continually updated with achievements and job duties the strain of attempting to remember every major accomplishment and change in responsibilities would not be an issue.